PC & Laptop Health Checks

Dont assume your pc is about to die and buy a new one, 75% of the time there just that stacked up with unused programs that the performace reduces massively, they just need our PC health check to see them right.

  • Speedy turn around
  • Full Confidentiality
  • Report & Advice
  • Antivirus Check
  • Improved Speed & Performance
  • Delivery & Collection Service

PC A Little Sluggish?

Computers slow down over time due to the stresses put on the on a daily basis, let us give your PC a once over to speed it back up and give it a new lease of life.

Half The Speed It Used To Be?

Want the speed you used to have? Then let us improve you PC with out PC Health Check, we can improve your slow pc.

Speedy Turnaround

Our full PC health check takes just 3 days to complete, so your pc will be back with you in no time.

To Book In Your PC or Laptop

Contact Us Now: 01723 336399

Not Working At All?

PC or Laptop not even turning on? Head over to our PC & Laptop Repair Section.

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