Custom PC Building

Our Technicians love nothing more than building custom PC's, If you want a high spec gaming rig, a simple home PC or even a high performance video editting work station we have you covered. We come from a background of gaming enthusiast and understand the importance of a speedy rig, we make sure all our PC builds meet our high standards & yours.

  • Bespoke builds to meet your requirements
  • Operating System Installations
  • Free Home Setup
  • On Going Support
  • Specialist In Gaming Rigs
  • Home Media Systems
  • Overclocked Systems
  • Cooling Experts

High Spec Gaming Systems

We ensure our top end systems will run the highest demanding games on top spec with plently or perforamce left to spare for the future of gaming.

Speed, Performance & Reliability

We ask you whats the most important thing you want from your new PC, then we make it better than your expectations.

High Quality Cable Management

We love a tidy PC, our PC builds are renound for clean and tidy cabling. We can even add pretty lights if thats what you want

Software Installation

We are able to install all the software that you need on your new PC, we will advise on were is best to install ceritan programs to improve speed and perforamce of your machine

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